Why Caleido


About us

What is Caleido?

Caleido is building next-generation Financial Planning and Analysis software for growth companies.

The company is based in Helsinki, Finland and was established in late 2021.


Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to easily plan, execute, and achieve their ambitious financial targets.

We make complex operational planning intuitive, budgeting lightning-fast and actionable, cash forecasts robust and reliable, and what-if scenarios relevant.

This is achieved with Caleido’s sophisticated financial modeling engine built on real-life business logic and best-in-class workflow automation.

Our Story

In our positions as finance professional, founder and investor of start-ups and companies, we have witnessed how hard and time consuming it is to create and update a robust cash flow plan.

Financial modeling is typically done in Excel. Because of that, models are simplistic, lack proper business drivers and parameters and are highly dependent on a single finance professional.

Scenarios are hard to run. Utilizing multiple dimensions for a detailed actual vs. budget reporting is practically impossible with a spreadsheet.

Our Vision

We started in early 2021 with the vision to build Caleido into a finance platform that gives superpowers to CFOs and finance professionals:

  • Build a high-end financial model, including cash flow, with -90% less work

  • Simplify complex reporting by creating labeling rules for +20 dimensions

  • Do more in one system with visualizations and track progress against benchmarks

  • Run cash-based sensitivity scenarios in seconds by changing business drivers

  • Enjoy your work with an intuitive UI built on simple drag-n-drop editing of any report

  • Act faster with automated variance analysis of actuals vs. budget


Iiro Christensen, CEO

M.Sc. (Econ.)

Finance manager of Attendo from 0 to 140M€ run-rate, long-term CFO at Saas company Frosmo and several M&A and financing cases

Ali Omar, COO

MD, MBA (Aalto University)

Co-Founder of Med Group from 0 to 100M€ run-rate and exit ‘18, manager at Attendo Finland, advisor to +20 start-ups